“Srop Press” Insertion please:
this author-publisher is currently ‘away’ from our “HQ-Unit” [in X ____mouth]
back-upping “Sister B” in her ‘shareworthyable-household'[in “Saint-X”] –
So would others as serious-celeriously as possible
begin printing-out and ‘propagating’ this following forward-step –
thank-you then,  for this that and indeed for these and all Lifesupports,
– thank-you

Kindly begin now – “See-ing” 

a new civilisation-foundation
that already has begun to be
both immediately and longest-term
sustainworthy* and sustainable** –
[in that order of planning-and-implementational priority]-

and be, yourself, parking at its border ‘your’*** sustainworthy-forward-carryables – – –
( and/or “your” forwards-carry-worthies ) – – –
—–  *** remember, the term “your” contains the word “our” as well ——


so ‘we’ll’ need to have already established and begun Lifeplace operating
interimly integral with “bodies” (“whether-we-like-it-or-not”) such as this
already “our”
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying E-Site”
within our overall-worldwide
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement
and ‘New’ Sustainworthily-Sustainable Civilisation”


How selecr and prioritise

* “sustainworthies”   ** “sustainables”  ?


Perhaps first
begin ‘imagining”
this “new” civilisation
to have the “wholisticly-living” shape
of a “Mound-on-the-Ground”
self-variable, principally in overall Size…


and kindly be ‘letting’ us conttnue – – –