Humankind Self-“Endurancing”


It is a blind and deludedly imbalanced humankind civilisation
that deliberately constitutes and pathologicly fosters
both major-dysfunctions within itself and throughout its hierarchically-discriminatory ranks,
and terminal damage, destruction and extinction to its essential Lifesupports -both Bio- and Non-bio.

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 ““Endurancing” – qua Forward-HistoricallSelf-Strengthening” =
which this worldwide e-site formally describes as
Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”
as an egalitarianly cooperatively-participatory

Further Preamble:

Most History has been, and still is, being written by
the HQ-Commanders-&-Governing-Scribes
of the Conqueringly-Destructive People –
who also prevent, destroy or suppress any history written by the Vanquished Side(s).

In our British Colonial History
‘pinched’ opium from the India peoples,
shipped it to China in virtually ‘slave-powered’ ships
and there sold it to Chinese populations at high prices including large amounts of Silver
[much of which to this day adorns the personal bodies, ‘private’ homes and dining-tables therein
of our upper-class royalty, aristocracy, establishment-and-otherwise-wealthy minorities and ‘hierarchically-downwards domineering’ middle-classes
as jewellery and their dining-tables as ornamental-centrepieces and snobbery-functional-cutlery].

The furtherly relevant history-point is the ensuing “Self-Strengthening” -(i.e. self-defensively)
initiated by the Dowager Empress of China,
against the ‘win-lose’ aggressive “international trading-economics”
of the European Colonial Powers
‘led’ by ‘Great Britain’  (being closely followed by a Colonialist USA targeting Japan, too)
by which greater “self-strengthening” strategic policy China would competitively-militantly
‘catch-up-with’ European-Colonialism
including by copying and possibly ‘improving’ the aggressors’ weaponry.

[ to be continued ]


{[(  If “we” truly togetherly and democratively-intercommunicarively-do fully exist,
what should we be doing – 0530 M250618 be sustainwoerhily carrying-forward the sustainworthy

to the ‘new-day’