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Self-Determination for the Palestinian People

Lord HyltonI spoke on this in Lord Steel of Aikwood’s debate on 7 June.

As far as I know, I’m the only person to make the point that Israelis have long enjoyed full self-determination.  Palestinians have been denied this rightand te large number of Palestinian exiles living in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere, have never been consulted about their long-term wishes.

You can read the debate here and my speech came at col 1417.

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  1. 20/06/2018 at 9:57 pm

    Israel is not the primary aggressor,
    the surrounding and worldwide alter-religious nation-states and their peoples are the literally trickster and genocidal aggressors against the Israeli nation of people and covetously against their tiny pocket of land.

    Basicly the Israelis are a peacefully-disciplined and cooperative People, but with centuries of enforced statelessness and domnation by foreign countries which those Israeli Jews have done much to build into strong states.

    They also themselves acquired expertises and international/intercultural wisdoms and diplomacies, nevertheless also acquiring Defence knowledge and know-how, as well as developing considerable peace-building skills and business-acumens.-

    Geographicly, the land they now rightfully occupy has been “permanently infiltratingly settled” by the murderously-covetous Palestinian-Arabs
    backed by other Arabs in overwhelmingly huge Arab state-land areas and Muslim populations whose sole insidious objective is to “chop up every Israeli into pieces and throw them into the Mediterranean Sea, then occupy and own all that Israeli acumen has built and the Israel land state”.

    Not least the “International Community” has no intention of establishing the “‘No-Lose’ Needs-&-Hows Recognition and Method III Cooperative Problem Solving” as a major pre-conflict first-and-continual-resort.
    Certainly none of the dominabnt Arab populkations or govern ments have such cooperative-intentions –
    and it is by no means sure that the Israelis are likely to be the first People in the World to establish such even “internally just between their own people and competing sub-organisations – is it ?

    We know that –
    although some tiny-minorities in our “advanced democracies and developed nation-states and peoples” are familiar with “Win-win-win” methodology,
    there is no such majority ability and willingness to become – even partly alongside the dominant Adversary-Win-Lose “winner-takes-all” constitution-set – “‘No-Lose’ Method III ‘win-win-win’ Needs-&-Hows Recognising and Cooperative Problem Solving” .

    Note: Even the least ‘educated’ and ‘politically-minded’ individuals, throughout our other-than Israeli/non-Arab nations and countries, could become familiar with (for one thing) – the 12 Barriers to Good Communication and Honest-Reasoning as published by such as Robert Bolton in “People Skills” and by Madsen Pirie in “How To ‘Win’ Every Argument”.
    We “not-so-governing-&-leaderful”,
    “on the ground workaday ordinary people” so to speak, c
    ould easily, and perhaps “should”, start more wholly self-scrutinising.

    We could catch our-self “up-front”
    JUDGING “Criticising” “Name-Calling” “Diagnosing”
    and other such ‘judgements’ as “praising or blaming evaluatively”.;
    along with
    by Ordering, Threatening; Moralising,
    Inapporpriate Probing;
    and by
    [by “Diverting” “Re-assuring”

    • LordBlagger
      21/06/2018 at 8:29 pm

      Here’s the problem.

      Should the Israeli’s get a state AT SOMEONE ELSE’S EXPENSE?

      What’s interesting is that the left sudden go all property rights when it comes to the Palistinians being denied their property.

      When it comes to Brits, if you have it, they want it, and informed explicitly given consent is thrown out of the window

      • 23/06/2018 at 3:52 pm
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        .Here’s y-our much bigger problem, Blagger –

        How should Brits repay to the World the centuries of consuming five(5) times more than y-our fair-share of the Earth’s Resources and of Other Peoples’Labour & Produce
        [over and above “our ‘banksters’” taking financially from third and fourth world countries and literally inaccessibly-hoarding-away even from us their ‘democraticly-sovereign-people’, 8 or 9 times more in money than ‘we’ are giving back in “foreign-aid”] –
        and how justify the even greater over-consumption being promised by all our political parties especially Labour under Jeremy Corbyn ?
        The key point is being missed or tricksterly-avoided, largely because the tabled questions and ‘debate’ topics are unsafe, faulty, ignoring both the Earth’s and Global Human Civilisation’s life-or-death predicaments, and likewise ‘enthymeming’ this whole Middle-Eastern multi-predicamental-situation and component unsolved problems and conflicts.J