(in some sense of
“sorting the longest-term sustainworthinesses [*]  from the shortest-term ‘worthy-to-be-shortest-term-sustaineds’ –


 [*]  since there is a

“sustainworthies” in the sense of “things-worthy-of-sustainment” –
“sustainworthies” in the sense of “those entities that can-or-could make things-and-people worthy-of-sustainment” –


we now have a need to clarify our sustainworthying terminology …



Let us take ‘dot-dot-dot-dot-dot’   …..
namely in English rather than in morse-code “five” – and possibly interlinguisticly as “5” –

and in historical English-English (specificly  x-prioritously carryable-forward/carry-forwardable) –

Give Me Five Minutes More …
{only five minutes more -)