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Earth is Earthian – because all on it speak Earthish ———-> [Sauce:  That Crime Area is Rushing – because all in it speak Russian – Trumped]


Watching the Hawks
“Dopey-oids need their profiteers to be brough to Heel” [Tyrel on ‘Watching The Hawks’].

10 billion – how many pills per person – be needed or already were being needed {with or without Rights to Need-Them …}  …


We’re “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movementing” and Ime Dyonn Myles yr author-publisher with also and pingbacks subm issorly with ——–>

Well,  come.————- Do

=========== Watching the Hawks   ” … and by the way we-re not a Democracy, we’re a Constitutional Republic …” [Lionel]

Tyrel:  Yes and we’re thge leading media now and all about “educating (jsdm  = “indock-latrine-hating” – “brain-bashing” …… The Public”   ——– WOW ——-

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