Hot from Chattanooga via RTNews Watching The Hawks

“Thank you for “having-me-on …”  (welcome, Merrilee Jacobs)

“What’s Eating You Alive ?” 

“You can not only treat but reverse (e,g, chronic disease) –
You don’t have to wait for somebody else to do or lead it –  you can reverse your own disease – ..
———————————— .

Green ‘runner’ beans  –
“Real stories on Diet-Change’ ” ——–>

Let us, co-sustainworthiers-&-esses, pause ourselves here
and focus on the constitutionaly-&-genericly-bad-habit ‘mantras.

such as

pharmacologists have to protect their Interests

whilst Tyrel Ventura the Watching The Hawks “leader” tells us about an even higher-order Threat-to-EarthLife” 


” hotter temperatures caused by El Ninyo  – “

but also
“we – are affecting [qua “destroying”] the Planet ”’

{jsdm (“) it is we, billions of “human-beings”,  who are continuing,
destroying this Living Earth’s major “breathing-organ”, The Amazon Rainforest (“)

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