From the “Big Bangs” of the Life-Ignoring Universe
to the Almightily-Contrasting-&-Conflicting  Human-Civilisations’
Autocracies, Monarchies. Oligarchies, Plutocracies, Medicalarchies,
Vigilantarchies, Matriarchies, Patriarchies, Mafia-archies, Anarchies, and Terrorarchies – ‘ad nauseam’

there exist –  and both dominate and domineer – literally countless


the essence of which is


 the major human-developmental* dual-danger in its Definiens being

“we know it all – or plenty-enough” –

the result of which in turn becomes

“we don’t need to learn anything new”    

 *   (expressively) :-  “the  total-extinction-vulnerable  major-danger, of Human-Development’s  extantly-prevailing
UN Aggregately Internationally-Destructivist Longevity+Knowledge+Wealth  ‘Whole Populations’ Development model & HDI
the not-yet extant-nor-co-operative “Individual Human Development” generic-model and IHDI

====================================== “over” to you ===================== and “out” =======================================