“The Beginning” has to keep happening …

“The Beginning” has to keep happening,

both a “previous one” and a “new one” …

So, to begin with –

The authorities need to be first
with each and all individual and collective advances
in both the knowledges and the know-hows of Human Development
and of its problems and conflicts – 

and also ‘our’*
similar and often ‘congruent’ submissions
to a governancially-formal worldwide e-site http://lordsoftheblog.net

including relevant matters
also mentioned as part of these  above three e-sites’ shared Purpose
which is namely
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” as a “Movement” ]
have been being published
by the UK House of Lords’s
informal “two-way participatory-reach-out to the Public”
since May 2010
This small voluntary group of proactively-seated peers, aided by Hansard and WordPress,
and by ‘our’ three ‘support’ e-sites
has been publishing such Basic and Foundation Guidance Sources submissions for many years.


These first mentioned three e-sites are not-for-profit, power nor prestige,
are “voluntarily-altruisticly” pre-paid
out of UK and Australian Taxes –
which in turn are paying my ‘joint-state-pension’ and other allowances.
 [  *  ‘our’ is used in place of  ‘my’
since whilst we are not
(at least ‘yet’)
a constitutionally-founded and registered “public information service or ‘charity'”,
we are nevertheless probably a considerable number
of ‘like-minded’ separate-individuals and small-informal-groups ]

I do wish,
and it certainly seems-to-be my further-duty,
to regularly
and as frequently as possible
the worldwide authorities,
and the worldwide general-public,
of these vital Life-Constitutional Matters.

Thank you.

Yours seriously,
“JohnSydneyDentonMiles of 39B”
  sites author and publisher