Much Dominant Professionalism is Quite Wrong


We have submitted the following long email to the offices of
Dr. Chris van Tulleken  –
“champion” leading a “rescuing attempt” of children from wrong “Depression” medications and treatment.

Our “Hidden Life-Needs Scenario” :-

1.  A middle-class American parents audience was advised by a small group of retired professors that
(a)  indeed the two most prestigious careers would be Law and Medicine;
(b)  that “you could become the best doctor or the best lawyer in the whole world
without any education whatsoever – “
 – ” but what you must have is the best Training, and then the best Workplace job-placements sequence –
“then you could even become both the best doctor and the best lawyer in the whole world,
without any Lifeplace-education as such  !”.
2.  Britain still has no separate Wholistic Health Building Service
[but NB –
a Spanish nurse in the NHS told me that , however, Spain [nearly Bankrupt] does have such a
non-medical Holistic Health Building service.]
but Britain doesn’t because
(i) the BHMA has not been supported and propagated.
(ii)  the NHS was unforeseeably mistakenly named National Health Service –
it should have been called the “National Illnesses, Pharmacology, and Hospitals Sector”.
(iii) The “Professional-Pyramid” demanding multiple-human-livings each before they lift a finger to work,
are “both deluded that they are each many more than just one-human-being but are as many as
500 human-beings in the case of big ‘banksters’ such as HSBC CEO.
whilst psychiatrists believe they are each of the order of ten human beings each [£3,000 per week]
and are also deluding others, and clients, and patients that
the “better professional you are, the more deluded you also have to become
that you “need” much more than one sufficient human living”..

This particular traditional “class” delusion is immensely inhibiting of Individual Human Development* itself,
as well as of Wholistic Wellness, Wellbeing, and Sustainworthy Lifestyle Building. 

[ Even the United Nations has no Individual Human Development Dynamic Life- Model,
and is ultra-expensively  “stuck” in Aggregate Internationally-Competitive Human Development,
( their HDI being based on Longevity Knowledge and Wealth –
such that as an individual,
if you’re less than a centenarian,
with multiple PhDs,
and billions of dollars/pounds and ultra-luxurious property, yachts and bodyguard-armies,
you are most likely never going to be close enough to the “social-mobility ladder” to even get one foot on its bottom rung).
3.  As David Attenborough hosted younger-science groups to reveal vital information to the Public
in the TV documentary How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth
“The British are consuming [and wasting], 5-times more than their fair-share of this Earth’s [and of other Countries’] Lifesupports –
whilst the Americans 9-times more than their fair-share -” …”
4.  Many such  “true life-stewards” as David are publishing further facts and factors –
matters deeply and darkly concealed by both Governments and Universities and the popular media.
Professor Hickel of the LSE in an “introductory”  500 or so pages book The Divide is one such;
Naomi Klein is another “our future watching and scrutinising” author;
as are Yuval Noah Harari in both Sapiens and Homo Deus
and Ha-Noon Chang in 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism.
I have published lists of such essential human-development non-fictions,
matters, knowledges and know-hows that are being avoided
and thus effectively repressed by governments. medias, and universities.
Such references appear in the three not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites
that I voluntarily-altruisticly run [out of the taxes you pay that in turn pay my state-pension money] ; ; .
and some such “Cinderella’d” advances have also been published by the small-voluntary group of Peers
of the Westminster House of Lords who “reach out democraticly two-way direct to the public”
in my over 500 submissions since May 2010 .
The specific point of this email is that the life-work of Australian GP Dr Claire Weekes [Help For Your Nerves]
related now when top American psychiatrists were giving up on many “Depression” diagnosed patients,
Dr. Weekes’s insight, that they did not have “Depression”,
they had “Fatigue
– progressively of Physiology, Emotion, Mind-Functioning,
and finally of Spirit itself [“both legs already sliding into the grave” so to speak],
The “cure” is simply “non-medical” [including non-psychiatric]
and more “lifestyle-re-educational” and “self-caring”.
Neglected further works in this Matter would be found in the lists in the above not-for-profit e-sites.
Five of the most eminent but malfeasantly-avoided publications are, I think –
Your Body  (biofeedback at its best without instruments, machinery and artificiality) [Beata Jencks];
 The Busy Person’s Guide to Better Movement  [Frank Wildman – after Moshe Feldenkrais]
 Wisdom of the Body Moving  [Linda Hartley]
Effort [Laban & Lawrence]
Creative Visualisation 
[Ronald Shone].
but there are so many that are being avoided, repressed, neglected.
With serious regards,
John Miles.
PS  And such obscenely-huge costs being “rorted” out of Taxpayers funds
for unfit-for-purpose legislations, laws, regulations and services –
such as PCC invoicing Westminster Govt £500.00 for a young a minimum-wage Sitter
being sent to sit with a harmless and self-peaceful old-lady for 7 hours (9a.m. to 4 p.m.)
whilst the lady’s voluntary unpaid
24/7 carer
(by the express request of the Plymouth City Council Adult Social Care Department
and Other Responsible Authorities Attending such as OPHMSand Plymouth Community Homes)
travelled one morning a week for 7 weeks to Totnes
for a further-education class in Individual Human Development re-education [not available in Plymouth].
The young woman was not carer-trained, only “Sitter” – 7 hours pay probably no more than $50.[and ok she was].
But how was a further £450 “necessary” –
when such an amount
regularly directed into a serious
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Neighbourhood Movement”
would work many times more good
than that mere one quiet old-lady’s  mere 7-hour day with a neutral @passive’ non-educative Sitter
[and anyway the “Sittee’s” carer was back within 5 hours].