Right-Living “sustain-worthy-ing” –

Quite separately,
as we are evidently destined to continue
and very possibly soon perish,

we can
[and should]

write our own

Lists of Requirements for Making A Right-Living Lifestyle increasingly “sustain-worthy”.

Start “back in school” with the “worst-case-scenarios” and “basic-survival” mind-mappings –


1.  Those lifeforms that both
best-support the Earth-Environment’s Lifesupports
should stand the best chance of being Longest-Term lifesupported
[and thereby of “thrivingly-surviving”.]

2.  Those human-beings
(i) needing, requiring, and being given, just one-human-living each –

and who are also wholly satisfied with
the environmental and humankind-neighbourhood result of their
128 Hours/week Lifeplace personal-efficiency
[at “wasting=not. wanting-not” to “make-ends-meet”]

and of their
40 Hours/week Workplace achievement
[not “needing” to “go on strike for more and more pay”] m

will surely be
the best survivors
most emulable longest-term leaders


3.   {You turn if you will:  add a further Essential Factor … }