How Inextricably Are You Supporting the Extinction and One-way-Destruction of both Earth’s Lifesupports and Human Civilisations’ Sustainworthinesses ?


We have just submitted the following to the British Health Obesity man and team HughFW –

Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement Making.

Please peruse and support
the not-for-profit, power nor prestige voluntarily-altruistic e.sites
that I am attempting to
particpatively-democraticly and humankind-sustainworthyingly
join-in with”.

They are at ‘bottom-line’ being paid for by our taxes
which pay my joint UK and Australian part-state-pensions
http lifefresh net
http www lifefresh co uk
http www one-human-living com
and over 600 submissions published verbatim since May 2010
by the Westminster House of Lords’s
small-group two-way participatively-democratic ‘reach-out’ to the Public
http lordsoftheblog net .
And in the ultimate Longest-Term Earth & Human Civilisation Need,
explain to me why every-one
including your-selves
are avoiding recognising, comprehending,
and egalitarianly-participatively-cooperatively tackling
the biggest and both overshadowing and underlurking
Needs Predicaments and Issues –
which are causative of Obesity
and of the great majority of other so-called “Health Issues” …

Seriously sincerely,
John S.D. Miles.