Without All of the Facts and Information
You Can Not Succeed in Democratic Governance 

nor in fact in any other form of Governance.

So set about Finding All of the 
many of which are being deliberately hidden
by both Governments and Universities
in our “Developed” and “Democratic” Countries.


(A) In Our ‘Favour’

(B) Against our Survival.-

(C)  Any “Alternative Factors or ‘Scenarios’ “?

(D)  Any More-Important & Urgent Matters ?


If you want to continue
as an equally-essential member of the elctoral-sovereign-power
in an ever-improving
United Kingdom Cooperatively-Participative Democracy 

then you will join with us in seeking-out
and publicly-sharing here,
in such not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites as this 

every possibly-relevant piece of information, fact, factor, “intimation”, “hunch”, “probability” and “possibility” .