How Could Whatever’s Wrong Be Put Right, Now ?


We need to start accumulating a fresh

jotting down each “bit” of information,
of knowledge,
of know-how –

and each question
and each “I worry-or-wonder if there isn’t something still missing” –


The points I see are :Doubly-predicamently 

(i)  We now 7.5 billion “doubly-intelligent” human-race-individuals and ‘parties’
are Worldwide Massively Over-Populated and are still further
both “run-away” and “deliberately-planned”
even more hugely-overpopulation

whilst at the same also “run-away” and “hugely-mistakenly-planned” we are


(ii) both over-consuming; and over-destroying & hugely-over-extincting**,
this Earth’s and our own infrastructured-civilisations’ lifesupports,

*  “predica-mentally” would probably be the “correct” spelling
[so I reckon we’d better start making our thinking-foundation
“mind-functional” instead of “mental”  hadn’t we?

** it can be an instantly “cowardly-falsification” to think, and especially to say,
If I didn’t guzzle it someone else would” –
“anyway the tree’s already been chainsawed down and turned into paper – yesterday’s paper –
so I might as well make a proper bonfire of it, 

someone up-to-no-good or not so trustworthy would otherwise – ” 



Since no Government can achieve good-governance without being enabled to see, scrutinise and deliberate-upon, all of the relevant information,

so no Democracy [“government-by-the-People”] can achieve good and best-successful governance
without all of the People
having first been provided with both all of the relevant information
and with sufficient access-places and timeframes
within which to see, scrutinise, deliberate-upon, and cooperatively-discuss
of that relevant information’:

and no Democracy can work effectively without also the People’s 24/7 monitoring of all key-procedures
[qua observation of the Governmental-Procedures and Civil;-Service Implementers and Enforcers Handlings, Conducts and Behaviours]


The best human-beings
are surely those who are personally causing the least destruction and extinction
and are individually-personally able to live the 128 hours of the Lifeplace “emulably-efficiently” of the least income-amounts.


Summary Point :

Those human-beings
each drawing more than one-human-living
from natural Earth environments
and from our common-civilisations –

are needed by EarthLife Itself
as well as by the greater majorities of low-human-living and low-pay provided People

to ‘come-down’ to living off just one-human-living each,
instead of as the hitherto
“very-seriously-mistakenly, corruptedly and corruptingly”
off tens, even hundreds, of human-livings each –


Seriously-Consider  – 


[that is, when]

such an “event” as
the Yellowstone Park –
or the greater Iceland one also now ‘imminent’ -,
and/or the North-Russian string of big Volcanoes –

mega-erupts –

for any human survival to be made possible
those “best” people are going to have to
come down to scraping a living with their fingernails
 in the hope of being able to find even just one penny a day with which to “deal” and “bargain”