Our “Raisons D’Etre” are our Lifesupportive-Needs


Our “Reasons For Living” (Raisons D’Etre”)
are our Lifesupportive-Needs 

every  one   – and absolutely All   –  of them are human-necessities

especially each & all
of these Human-Needs –

Needs that are being denied  to many millions of People
by Constitutions, Legislatures, Judiciaries, Religions, Educations,

and even by Local-Community Bodies –

but “money, goods, services, privileges and protections”
that are conflictingly being massively, ‘obscenely’, 


to a mere few thousand militarily-armed and protected officials
Governments and Establishmentarian-Cliques and ‘Closed-Shops’.

That is our reason-for-being here
with “Life Refreshment”
voluntarily-altruistic public-information e-sites

and herein showing substantial lists

of such Absolutely-Essential Human Needs
that are being denied
to billions of People worldwide,
even more so
than to tens of millions of people-levels
in our so-called “Developed” Countries of
“The United Kingdom”,
“The United States”,
“The European Union” –

and yes

Individual Human Development
is also being denied
even within and under

“The United Nations”

where there is still only
Aggregate National Human Development
Longevity + Knowledge + Wealth

but no Holistic Individual Human Development
and no Constitution, Curriculum, and IHD-Index thereto.


And this still prevails also
throughout a string of other greatly denied
but so-called “democratic” & “developed” populations
now around the world. 


Last night I sat for three hours
taking in the UK House of Commons speeches –

and amazingly responsible, response-able, and zealous they each and all were, too –
including from the lower ranks of members of the guilty government party itself [Conservatives]

concerning the “Grenfell Fire Disaster”
and the UK Government’s disgraceful neglect
and deliberately taxes and lives costly good-governance-avoidances

At least some of those truly-advocacy-strong speakers in Parliament
appear to have had some personal-life experie3nce
of having to “suffer life” under such neglect and a low-income too

[whilst now of course ‘fortuitously’ being ‘handed-out-of-our-taxes’  multiple human-livings each [of the order of £60 to £100,000 per year plus Expenses]


Perhaps there is hope for a

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”

after all  ?