“Un-locking …” (History; The Bible; The Earth’s Lifesupports; …)


What’s Unlocking The Bible-got to do with …

our imminent, and horribly-current, populations, provisions, and ‘privacies’ Predicaments?

… and with “History” … ?

The latter first now –
the same on-high-concealed militantly aggressive Micro-Elite Human-Core-Succession
one-way top-down dictates
and now consumer-wise and ‘social-mobility-deludedly –
a  win-lose insidiously-adversarily ‘stacked’  World-Rule.

still today

and will continue so to insanely-manipulate
both Peoples and International-Infrastructures

both imbalancedly-&-imbalancingly

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow –

we each set about mutually-self-sustain-worthying

under a peacefully-revolutionary New Sustainworthy Civfilisation Intention, Constitution and Collective-Practique



500 years ago, that micro-elite directed European Colonialism, too.

And is continuing now
even on much greater scales
that Wholesale-Militantism


and of exponentially-beyond our means and the Earth’s

over-consuming & wasting
Earth’s Lifesupports

We now see not only “why” scrutinise History, but are beginning to see “how” ?

5000 years ago Human Civilisation saw its first micro-elite become militantly-aggressive,
invading  neighbouring civilisations
(one-country at a time – and thus “successfully”)
and Rome soon followed in those same earlier “footsteps”
[qua “boots-on-the-ground”
as well as cavalry-with-swords, spears and worse,
followed by “sackings”, “spoils”, and “forced-labour-prisoners-in-thousands”]

David Pawson found in actual practice with the human soul and spirit,
including as a padre/chaplain with front-line fighting Army soldiers,
as nurtured by The Bible,
that once he had answered their cry
to “comprehend the whole of the Holy Bible –
instead of being taught short-isolated “texts”
expounded and often imaginatively-elaborated from church pulpits –

these ‘congregation-members’ could truly begin comprehending any text
– not ‘isolatedly’ but against their newly-established grasp of the whole
of the historic geography, factuality, background influences and factors, and Reasoning-insights
of those 66 books that constitute The Holy Bible.


Now we need to be doing the same kind of Comprehension and Scrutineering
of our various

History Sources

because much in our History is no longer “constructive” and “sustain-worthy” enough,


for our Human-Race’s

for this Earth’s Lifesupports‘ 

Longest-Term Future Essential-Needs