Humankind Has One Chance


Humankind Has One Chance
of both
Surviving and Co-Sustainworthying

In these British-Isles

 that is simply

(but maybe immediately quite difficultly )

to Call a

Survival-Emergency Peacefully-Egalitarian-Revolution

and that is our only chance – 





resettle massive urban populations
into super-extensive participatorily-cooperative

Co-Sustainworthying Neighbourhoods-Estates –

[I would guesstimate of between minimum 1000 maximum 10,000 hectares ]   

Wholly Cooperatively-Long-term-Assured Rental/Leasehold

Kitchen-Gardening Caravan homesteads


a greater Market-Gardening setting

[including vegetable-proteins]

[ and possibly including some intensively-contained minimal-meat-protein production
 such as Rabbit, Pork, Poultry, and maybe small Fish (Shrimp ? )  ]  

[  continue planning this  ]

simultaneously begin also to


Re- organise urban areas into

A.  Co-Sustainworthying Participatorily Cooperative-Lifeplace-Neighbourhoods

B.  Lifesupports Workplaces.

C.  Civil, National, and United-Nations Organisational Centres.


with  A.  Lifeplace-Neighbourhoods
the sine-qua-non activity must be

to establish small-community-inter-cooperative-homesteads
newly founding themselves upon
Participatively-Cooperative Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthying
Leads and published Guidances
1.  No-Lose Needs-&-Hows Recognition and Cooperative Problem Solving
2.  Individual-and-Mutual Holistic Living and Health-building Androgogic Co-education.

[  continue planning this  ]


As far as the other 7 billion people-on-Earth go,
that is for the United Nations to cope with.

===============================================    continue thinking about all of this ==================================================