How sustainworthy are you making yourself ? and how sustainworthying is your community ?


Because if you don’t find a way
whereby anyone-else
can independently as well as cooperatively
make real, tangible, palpable,
‘transparently-visible and-emulable’
daily progress
in making new movement in

‘Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying’


in some very-real worldwide-sense

you are most certainly probably

condemning every-one else
to carry on insidiously sliding down
the “completely-concealed Extinction-Slippery-Slope”

as well as yourself and your ‘dependents’ further ‘blindly’ so.



Do not take ‘offence’ 

–  this is a simple straightforward safety-call –


“Look out ! there’s a mad-runaway-truck about to run over you”