Literally LIFE – needing to be defended AGAINST Human-Civilisation, Politics and False-Sustainability

Here in “our”

Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement

we are not-for-profit, power nor prestige

and that includes being
disinterestedly objective,
co-sustainworthying of our own and this Earth’s Lifesupports

[impartial, non-biased,  properly-scrutinising, and honestly-critical of every sector within every human-civilisation.]

Currently we appreciate the RTNews services from London
who are reporting also from the USA
that America has turned wholly-hostile to its own Foundoing-Fathers and the subsequent Constitutional-Amendments –

the Aim of that Constitution and Amendments being

to prevent
classes, cartels,  and cliques,

from one-way, unfairly adversarily “ruling-any-roost”,

The UK has similarly become
a ‘one-way-top-down directive oligarchy’ posing still as a ‘participatory-democracy’

often dictated by the ruling prime-minister alone –

and always in the ‘background’ constitutionally-domineered by – 
The Monarchic Establishment.  


Most disturbing of all is the real-possibility that


having become a Low-Pay-Pyramid Autocracy again* –  may be ‘set’ to rule the world


is not, by far, itself
nor its Aims so far
Sustainworthy-and-Sustainworthying enough
to occupy such a Ruling Position.


Even under previous dictators, China’s pay-pyramid had the lowest-ceiling of all big-nation-states;
and the President himself drew far less pay than any of the other major countries’ top-powers


” … but Politics is none-of-our-business …”

“Therefore, neither is Life …” ???