A Word, please

It is almost “crass-pedantry” –

for instance, to call “happyish” not-a-word –

since we are the whole-world’s supervisory-and-leding uardian of the now worldwide English language,

it “behoves” us to

keep it clear.     

distinguish between the two main Environments the word may be being used in –

If it’s the 40-hr Workplace then it’s must be “strict”

but in the 128 hr Lifgeplace,  words must express any and every kind
of both life-sense [as with on onomatopoeic words “splash” “puff” “wow” “hush”]
and/or (NB)  and/or
as further verbal-meaning




More later –


e.g.  Differences between being a male seeking “mastery”  and a female seeking “misstressy”