“Reconnaissance-Pause” —————-> and Probable-“Regrouping-Emergencies”


This Earth’s “body-language”
is telling us that
it is very hugely and rapidly being destroyed-as-well-as-Life-extincted  –


it doesn’t seem able to tell us

that it is our Human=Race that is “racingly-wasting it away”-

nor that all of its other living-creatures and Life-Levels
are remaining within their naturally-evolved 10%-consumption-limit
of the lifesupports-layer immediately below them (as “food”).

Coming ‘forward’ to our ‘discovery’ that we ourselves can not intercommunicate, neither ‘thrivally’ nor ‘survivally’,
with a few of our Lifeplace leaders showing us that we are “blocking” our own all-round and life-essential intercommunication.
mostly with many billions of us all around the World remaining “unaware”
of these ‘individual-personally-internal’ as well as ‘inter-internal-neighbourly-and-governmentally’ communication-blockings;

but with many millions of Governmental, Educational, and Media people and ‘professional-workers’
being all to brazenly aware
of their concealments of vital-facts and informations,
and of their “spin-doctorings”,

Take a look into the existing civilisation we in Britain still currently ‘enjoy’ –
with our mainstream shops, food-supermarkets, and home-deliveries,
all so full of all kinds of luxuries as well as goods and services –

it’s almost as if we’re being “bribed” – “spoiled” –
and in terms of ‘physically-blockaged-communication’ we are being “Falsely-Praised” and “Overpaid” –

Let us check those 13 intercommunication “roadblocks” now, then –
as being an expression and ‘silent-body-language
of the “hidden-up-above-bosses” controlling our whole global-civilisation
honey-trapping us in our increasingly-insidious-&-desperate-Extinction-Predicament:.
We’ve already ‘spotted’
Now we can go on down the list

 Also being
“Ordered”- “Threatened” – “Moralised” – “Excessively and Inappropriately Probed and Questioned” –
“Reassured”. –

Officially,.Legally, Constitutionally,
“Intercommunication-Blocked” –
not only by “supermarket-‘goodies’ & sweet-talking”
but also by blindly-top-down
and remotely-concealed and obscenely-overpaid-out-of-our-taxes –
Government and Judiciary Departments …


————— [ we need to pause for breath and some horizontal-self-therapeutic-recovery ] ———–