Grading & ‘Handling’ Our-Humankind-On-Earth’s “Sustain-Worthiness”;

Grading & ‘Handling’

The Criteria
for ‘egalitarian-human-like’ and ‘democraticly’ setting-out to “assess-timate” –
– for our present and longest-term-future ‘Usefulness’

each Thing’s
and each Person’s
longest-term sustain-worthiness
are (already)
many and various.

So we each need to be making ‘daily’ continuations at writing-down such “prioritisations”

The primary fact of “life-survival” does include
“S/he who lives off least is more worthy of sustainment
s/he who has to have, or “be being given”, multiple-human-‘livings’..

And so does the “life-intercommunication” primary need
to be not “spoiling”, “oversupplying” and “over-protecting”
some people
under-supplying others and indeed most-people.

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