“Consolidationally” 1030-ly T08052018

” Consolidationally “ T08052018

By now we would have ‘realised’ that we need to be closely-cooperatively “KIS” [“Keeping-It-Simple“] –

and yet,

we “get nowhere” without more than one of our absolute and “non-negotiable” Basics
being in its completeness quite “detailed” –


such as yesterday’s encounter with “The 13 Barriers to Good Human Intercommunication
— — — —

and prior to that
we had to “stumble” across the
No-Lose ‘Method lll‘ of
Needs-&-Hows Recognition and ‘how-best-sustain-worthily-met’
Cooperative Problem Solving” –


and high up among other Basic-Essentials

the “facilitative” Six Cooperative-Thinking Modes of 

Six Thinking Hats

(by the now ‘old’ yet still-leading English medical-doctor Edward de Bono
long since ‘ensconced’ in America with grown-up family, all now peacefully-helpfully “still going strong”) –

How ?  ‘Egalitarianly’ around our circle of participating-thinkers clockwise Preliminarily agree The Task – then
(1) Facts first- all put the known facts, and note the “missing facts” too, on the round-table (visibly signalled by everyone ‘wearing’ the White hat)
(2) Positives – good, happy aspects of the Task  (Yellow “sunshine ‘hat’ “)
(3)  Creative, constructive -possibilities (Green hat)
(4) Risks and Dangers (Black hat)
(5)   Emotional ‘thinking’  (Red hat)  “no-fault” – each come straight out with whatever emotions are happening – without having to justify them or ‘explicate’
(6) Further-plan: what sequence of hats to follow for our next “round-of-cooperative-thinking-modes” (Blue hat).



Our “joint-needs” to be “alternately” “self-sustain-worthier-ing” & “together and ‘neighbourly’ sustain-worthy-ing, too – –


by which time we are needing to be
our affordably-published and available Guidance-Sources –
and to be “enough-of-us”
“singing off the same words-and-music – in the same song-book”

Now please see our accumulating Guidance Lists in
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