LIFE: versus both “The-Physical-Non-Life-Universe” and “Other-Life-including its own ‘kith-&-kin’ ” !!!


” Most people would rather die –
than think-

– and than communicate-

– wholesomely-effectively –

– with ‘unlike-others’

as well as with
‘the-usual     like-others’

– and indeed most do”


Our practical-question this morning is a compound, even complex, one; and runs something like this :-

“Who should be “thinking” ?
and about what ?

and also

“how could we and should we (all) be wholesomely-effectively ‘co-communicating’
{including maybe with bigger, and with smaller
such as insect-lifeforms
that varyingly-occasionally “surround” us ? –

and with the several layers of “microbe-lifeforms”
that make our very own skin pleasantly or unpleasantly “itch” ?}]