Our Sustain-worthy “Multi-BodyMindSpirit-fulness-ing(s)”




 the essential fore-runner
to the now-increasingly individual-capitalist-delusory-civilization
Hierachical-Profiteeringly gapping-away-“upwards”


“Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Meditationally”

in totally unaware servitude
to the deluded-&-deluding ‘tiny’ micro-top-individually-capitalistic oligarchical elite
and its insidiously-parasitic and corrupting ‘Global-Pyramid’

has to be
start being aware of your body-sensations
and their continual and continuous changing

“Bodyfulnessing” –

which “broken down” to ‘smaller’ component-parts results in our needing to recognise and apply ourself first and foremost to 

(for instance)
up-front focused upon our


alternatingly with our




Help to comprehend our different self-minds may be had from

Wisdom of the Body Moving (including “BMC” = Body-Mind-Centering) by Linda Hartley.


and from one’s own actual body-sensations and accompanying emotions
as we “self-focus” on our  own successive ‘pure’ body-movements, happenings, and positionings : 

“The movement, the whole movement, and nothing but the whole-movement”*   [* or lack-of-movement ]”



The only part “the Mind” plays is very much the same as what the Will does –

[ Reference work here Creative Visualisation  (by Ronald Shone) –
(“) … the Imagination is far more powerful (in getting things done) than is the Will [which simply ‘triggers’ things to happen, and to change] (“) ]