UK Social & Governmental Non-Sustainworthy Costs & Expenditures; and Rep;ression of Sustainworthiness and Holistic-Health-Building

Bearing in mind the instance previously reported
here in this not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-site ;

of literally “obscenely-deluded” and hugely- inflated costs and governmental-expenditures

applied to the taxpayers-funds by UK governments,

and the deliberate neglect of Sustainworthiness-
and Holistic-Health-Building
especially of and by the ‘poorest’ and ‘least-educated’ populations and individuals,

and the enormously-dangerous avoidance
of peaceful-reform/revolution
by those same Authorities
and by the overarching British Establishment
and the underpinning Education and Media authorities

The Instance is:-
of a Plymouth City Council sent
young ‘minimum-wage “sitter” [2013 £6 per hour = £42]
to sit with a peaceful elderly lady from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Plymouth City Council Adult Social Care authority invoiced UK Westminster Government Taxpayers-Funds
not £42
[which is what that lady would have paid direct to such a non-governmental agency Sitter)


for that minimal-service
[a “sitter” is lower-paid than a “carer”
and a “carer” lower paid than a “nurse”,
and a “nurse” much lower paid than a “doctor” ]-

so consider the total amount of taxpayers’ monies being “blown”
on the “social-care” of
(not tens, hundreds, or thousands)
of such even more “needy people” –

but millions
of such needy individual disableds, impairees, and other disadvantageds –

£500 for a “sitter” to sit with a peaceful old lady for a maximum of 7 hours !
How much for the tens-of-millions of Carers, Nurses and Doctots hours
largely “wasted” by being “minimalised”


I have been writing, and attempting to have these Needs and Predicaments ‘No-Lose’ Resolved since 2001

– only to have been continually repressed, victimised, penalised, ,and ignored –


It’s not just little-old disabled “me” who’s being “ignored” and “exploited”
by governmental, social and civilisational-authorities –

……. it is our higher-placed Real-Life-Leaders*
who are being ignored and excluded  
* see the Lists of such Leaders’ suppressed publications

in ; .  


Here is the Matter,
in the form of letters,
that Plymouth City Councillors and Department Chiefs and Staff,
and just about every other authority and human-concerned body
is either ignoring
….or pretending it does not understand :-

PCC Adult Social Care; Housing; Life-Situations-&-Predicaments                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
via  One-Stop Shop, New George Street, Plymouth                                             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ,


30 April 2018.

Subject:  My Life Situation and Predicaments; further to my previous letters of ‘self-&-situation-repor’.

Dear Sir,

Further to details discussed in answer to your telephone call  earlier this month
by your  Adult Social Care Complaints-clarification interviewer. ;

The attached open-letter confirms my previous submissions
which have all been attempts to advise you of my [and my caree’s xxxxxxxxxx)
situations, predicaments, needs, impairments, and relevant factors;

all of which I needed to have discussed cooperatively and resolvingly
prior to considering
 if and of what sort of

“complaint” it may be necessary for me to also enter.

Note please:  without the details previously, and now and in any future, submitted
being cooperatively-discussed with you,
with a view to ‘no-lose’ resolving all issues involved,
I would perhaps need that lack-of-adequate-response and ‘no-lose’ problem solving by PCC
[and by any other authority or agency]
to be a ‘ground for complaint’.

Focally now,
the attached letter is an essential part of this ‘covering’ letter,
and needs your fullest consideration and response, please.

Yours faithfully,
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

The Open Letter  25 April 2018


Dear Sir or Ms;

This letter is about our Earthlife and Humankind Needs;
and about how these Needs are to be more sustainworthily identified, comprehended,
and both cooperatively-peacefully and longest-term-sustainworthily –

In order to make this task both comprehensively opened both to the World-Public
and to all Civilisational-Authority-Bodies.
the material contents of the following e-sites’ purpose, intention, and contents
need to be included here as the main body of this letter
and of its over-arching and underpinning Intention and Purpose:- ; ; ;
[which are not-for-profit, power nor prestige;
and are in effect voluntarily-altruisticly made possible
by the UK and the Australian ‘taxpayers’ monies
that in turn provide this author-publisher’s ‘joint state-pension
and disability-impairment allowances’].

and ;
in which have been published ‘verbatim’ since May 2010
well over 600  ‘participatively-democratic’ submissions
in response to UK Westminster House of Lords members’ ‘two-way- with-the-Public’ topics,
by this natural-English and British citizen xx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx.

Vitally-focally, the publications therein named, listed,  referred to, quoted, studied, scrutinised, and appreciated; such as
Your Body:   biofeedback at its best without instruments, machinery , artificiality  [Jencks]
The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement     [Wildman (after Feldenkrais)];
Wisdom of the Body Moving; 

and especially of immediate common need 
People Skills 
[Bolton] and Leader Effectiveness Training [Gordon]
do form the main body,
and the proposed humankind-civilisation improved-constitutional-purpose-guide,
of both the “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement” therein ‘sketched’
and of my personal life and commitment both to this Earth’s Lifesupports
and to the Humankind Civilisation Peaceful-Reform Movement  that I believe I am proactively endeavouring to serve,
‘co-learn’ about, and publicly support.

Yours faithfully,

xxxx xx xxxxx
25 April 2018