The Human-Race Thrival-Survival “Bottom-Line” –

Our “Bottom-Line” –
as the biologically-weak
and “odd lifeform-out” – how ever-so ‘uniquely’ –
on this Living and plentifully, but very-finitely,’lifeformed’ planet

as is becoming increasingly evident and unavoidable
a 3rd-brained Human-‘Race’
in effect now
“ravishing” and “burning”
this Living-Planet-Earth
“to Death”

our ‘bottom-line’


“Why can our ‘best’ human-beings


just one-human-living (each) ?”


However “technologicly-“masterful”, “Knowledgable” and “Know-How-Expert”
our ‘homo sapiens sapiens EarthLifesupports-dependent-
[but-bio-environmentally-extinctive-&-non-bio-destruictive] –
has “become” {some claiming “made-ourselves”} –

there remains the “avoided” big-bottom-line Terminal-Issue of

How “sustainworthy-&-sustainworthying”
is each individual human-being,
and is the Global-Civilisation,

together now “devouring-&-destroying EarthLife materially, “mindfully” and spiritually –  to-Death” ?

The currently 20th and 21st century
avoided & denied
Life-or-Death Issue
Top-Priority Task
is ultimately “Complex”

and so far is clearly beyond our willingness and ability to Tackle,
let alone to survival-itself-sustainworthily-resolve

How many human-beings does each of us human-beings,
and each of our “classes” of sociality and professionalism,
traditionally-built hierarchically
[but tragically not  “here-after-ably”]
“think” we are ?

Both ‘alone’ and ‘together’ we are failing to face-up to the fundamental-fact –
“One human being needs just one-human-living”