On “Taking God’s Name In Vain” [Falsely, ‘Cheatingly’, Malfeasantly, Iatrogenicly, Criminally]

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On “Taking God’s NAME In-Vain [Falsely]”  “]

I shall attempt now to publish Key parts therein.from memory


T is herein also for Truth-Treeing – [finding The Truth by Logic and formal-reasoning.]

[The Divinely Creative and continuously-creating originator]
[The “word” of ‘God’ is not “a word” but in the real-and-material sense is (and ‘are’) every  thing (and all things) in existence.].


[a “name” here is in the strict sense of “what that person ‘does’: ]
[thus “God’s Name” is “God-The-Builder”; “God The Farmer”; … ad infinitum –  “d’you “see” ?]

[falsely; deceptively; blasphemously …]…
[here we also need this factor for our ‘unmasking duty’
of such “vain” things as much “spin-doctoring” is ‘fed’ to us The Public today, by Governments, Media and both in many Workplaces and Lifeplaces –
– the ‘twisting’ of words and of ‘matters’,
and more-seriously and criminally in reporting, informing and describing “things”, “events” and “lives” too].


The Holy Bible – Old Testament “Ten Commandments –
“Thou shalt not take the name of thy God in vain” – “Thou shalt not bear false-witness against thy neighbour”.
The Roman Catholic Church –  The Seven Deadly Sins.
Book of Common Prayer
[The Litany: sub-prayer
“From Blindness of heart; Pride; Vainglory; Hypocrisy; Envy; Hatred; Malice; and All-Uncharitableness, Good Lord deliver us”.

The Eight Deadlier Sins [Hubert Libbey]
[who saw that if one fails to remedy one’s own blindness-of-heart,
all the other, and worse-and-worse sins do ‘follow-on’, increasingly disablingly and sickeningly]


Others have seen similar “slippery-slopes” in our individually-personal, and collectivised, human-lives :-

(1)  Maslow’s Triangle of Human Needs [First you must satisfy all of your Physiological needs –
Otherwise each successively-higher need, up through Emotions; Mind; Self-Actualisation …,
will be ‘underrmined’, ‘under-supported’, and wil l’wither’ and ‘collapse’..

(2) Australian GP Dr Claire Weekes ‘discovered’ that some medical-&-psychiatric diagnosed Depressions
are not “depressions” at all, but one of the four stages of Fatigue.
book Help For Your Nerves

Foundationally, if one fails to remedy Physiological fatigue – in any part of the Body-Mind-Spirit so-to-speak –
Emotional fatigue begins to set-in, too – and if that’s not remedied, things get worse with
Mind-Functional fatigue (traditionally misnomered “Mental”)  ‘weighs-in”, too.

That also ‘ignored’
Spiritual fatigue is already ‘half-ready’ to literally be “killing” you
[jm-with as-it-were Both legs already sliding into the grave]

Thus we need to be “observing Sunday” –
for our personal and collective thinking-and–scrutinising-&-co-learning  “human-ability-and-life-duty” . . .   


————–  and God saw that the whole of Creation was Good ——————-
————— and God rested on the seventh-day, calling it The Sabbath – a Day of Rest —————
—-  and gave to The Holy Bible the Commandment “Remember to keep holythe Sabbath …”—————