Sense & Sustain-worthy-ness/ing

“Sustain-worthy-ing”  =
“has the verbal-meaning of
“making some “thing” or some “human-conduct/behaviour/ability”
worthy of sustainment”.-
and therein “on-the-ground in action”- – ultimately it has to be carried-forward for the entire duration of humankind-on Earth


in some things as well
into a spaceship
and into action upon the next humanlife-supportive world
[such as ‘Proxima-B]

‘as “verbally-used” and in our verbal–constitutions” –
‘forwards-from-today’ timeframed too –

[“Sustainworthy for ? how many years ? tens, hundreds, thousands millions  ? ]


Not just our ‘de facto’ worldwide language of English,
but maybe every human-verbal-language on this Earth
has the “insoluible”, “virus-like-residently-indwelling and ‘parasitic'” problem and impasse
of “conflation” (“verbal-impaction-blur”) .- – –

 { For instance,
all of our best and collectively-dominant [‘domineering’ too],
human-minds and constitutional-powers
have top-down directed
that a major “issue” [problem-to-be-solved by us humans] is
“Climate Change”

when it’s not – it’s Climate Worsening  }


– wherein and whereby the “thing” itself
“on the ground and in reality and physical-action”
is in a different quite-separately “sensible/sense-able”  “world”
from the “word(s)” defining and describing it..

Other “conflations” prevail too-
and thereby also both “confusions” and “slippery-slope-mayhems, disasters, and bloody-wars”

“Rights” “privacies” “earnings” “social-mobilities” “decent jobs”
“harm’s-way” “entitlements” “benefits” “dues” “essentials”
“needs” “non-negotiables”
“responsibilities (but not ‘response-abilities”



Movement –
(self-movement that would be -)
is probably the first property of any lifeform
[apart from its physically-structural “anatomical” basic shape*].

Thus our Genericly Common Task
is to be not only distinguishing the Sustain-worthy from the Non-Sustainworthy
but also
Carrying-Forward the Sustainworthy
whilst also
Leaving-Behind or Destroying the Non-Sustainworthy.


Let me “gap-forward” now,
to a single piece of English wording that I
and probably many thousands of other ‘natural-English-speaking” people

find “sustainworthily-carry-forwardable” [whatever].
It’s a hymn.from “Ancient and Modern”
(and I prefer the Richmond tune ‘though the Gerontius is of good supportive character too I ‘reckon’)

(“) Praise To The Holiest In TGhe Height
And in the depth be praise;
In all His**  words*** most wonderful
Most sure in all His ways.

O loving wisdom of our ‘God’ !
When all was sin and shame,
A second Adam to the fight
And to the rescue came ****  …  (“)



  * definitively also, see The Thinking Body by professor Mabel Todd 1937..
** more accurately ‘His‘ has the ‘on-the-ground’ as well as ‘in-the-mind’ more recently “discerned” sense of “Its“.

*** “works” would likewise fit here;
and we have a ‘problem’ with “His words” too –
there is only one capital initial letter “He/Him/His” here,
and that is the “still-mysterious” “Divine-Creative-and-Controlling-Force” of (at least) this Earth’s Lifeforms …

**** today, the “helpful shadow” of this “rescue” can be thought of [and even “meditated-upon”] as “rest-cue”