UK House of Lords: Lord Hylton’s post “The War in Yemen”

A propos the “underlurking” and “overshadowing” causes of wars and civil-strifes and shortages ;


23/04/2018 at 6:19 pm

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I ‘reckon’ –
[the whole world’s become too muddled to claim to be “thinking” about it any more) – that
the Human-Civilisation Fault causing this Horrendously Worsening Global Domineering Destructivity
lies in
1.(a) The upwards runaway over-reproduction of babies –
[largely stemming from increased food-supplies and “Pleasure-promotions””

(b) The below-best-fitness levels
of both Training for Workplace Careers and Jobs,

and the similar (but evidently worse) unfitness
of Lifeplace education and environment-caring enablement
resulting in unsupportable human-population “plagues”
even in the Developed countries (where for another thing they “run wild” 24/7 in “private” as well as “consumption-promoting” cars)

  1. The inhibition and exclusion, from both the World-Workplaces and the World’s Lifeplaces,
    of advances in Life and Humanity Knowledge and Know-How.
  2. An essential key generic-human-need (if not THE most essentially needed one) I ‘reckon’ to be
    our lifeplace “sense and meaning” communication abilities,

and similar workplace effective communication skills ;

which top-down “blockage” I also reckon to be nonetheless
‘sufficiently opened for public and professional viewing and learning’
by such publications as “People Skills” (author Robert Bolton)

with its list of 13 Barriers to Communication:-
Judging; Sending-Solutions; and Avoiding Others’ Needs and Concerns.

Roadblock 13 being Telling others they are putting up roadblocks.
Every human-being, worldwide and at all age levels “lifelong”,
especially in all Lifeplaces,
but specialisingly in Workplaces too,

now needs to be peacefully-revolutionarily
to effectively-constructively communicate.