One-Way Discriminatorily-Inhibitive UK “Charities”

The UK remains constitutionally and citizenshiply “one-way top-down dictatorily-directive” – even in its Charity-Bodies

as evidenced now by one such “passively aggressively” expelling a “Mindfulness” course member without good and constructively-helpful reason :-

That causes me to see that the xxxxxxxx Trust` has made no progress into becoming a cooperatively participatory needs-&-hows resolving body;
with a dominant staff who are thereunder  non-holisticly-sustainworthy-ing too –

 and as I responded,
to your unexpected and uninvited phone-call earlier today Monday, after xxxxx had unilaterally
– and then you –
had cancelled my course-membership without so telling me,
telling me that your “Mindfulness” leader xxxxx had again (“weasely-worded”) that “s/he ‘felt’ the course is not right for me”,
and you following ‘verbatim’ to that negatively one-way irrational avoidance,
“that makes xxxxxxxx not as Right place”

– and from this one can only see that
xxxxxxxx’s thereby ‘unmasked’ inability and unwillingness to “no-lose” humanly-communicate has inevitable ‘consequences’
[see the 13 “Roadblocks to good human communication in People Skills 
by Robert Bolton]
and I have a greater duty to the Earth
and to those People hereabouts and worldwide –
who are both progressing theirselves sustainwortthily and helping all others, and our civilisation, to do so, too
Obviously your hostility to me makes my volunteering-work presence also “not right”.
I left you a phone message for the return of my book and trolley tomorrow – most sensibly and economicly by the taxidriver to me waiting in xxxxxx for it.
Again no response from  you nor from any other xxxxxxxx staff worker.
It is a long and costly several-interchanges journey to come to the town nearest you on the offchance
that my trolley containing my rubber-boots and my very valuable human-movement foundations book Effort by Laban & Lawrence
will be there – expectedly when your taxi arrives there.