Our “High Now-&-Futurely” Human Co-Task——–>

“High Now-&-Futurely” —>  simply means “Strategying-for both-Now-&-the Continuously Longest-Future-Term”.

Recall the Knowledge-Advancing high-little-event
when Biology world-leading professor Dawkins
was faced by a “Judiciary” audience of judges, barristers and ‘lesser-lawyers’
among other High-Ups –


“Explain” (they insisted)
“At which precise point did we humans become reproductively cut-off from what you call ‘our red-chimpanzee ancestors’.?”

(Dawkins):- (“)  Consider as you say our red-chimpanzee forebears, notionally forming a hand-in-hand line
‘stretching’ from the heart of Africa all the way to the Red Sea coast;

and you require the answer to your question
to give the exact number of the red-chimpanzee female
with whom a male could no longer cause reproduction of a red-chimpanzee baby
but only of a human one – the first human baby ?  –
– it might be the 101st red-chimpanzee in the line,
or it might be the thousandth,
or the “Nth” one at-or-just-before-the-last one,
at the Red Sea end.of the line.?

We need to see here, that we have established, or are ‘establishing’,
as-it-were two human-minds at this time today:

One is a “Continuous-Mind” (evolving naturally, all of the time)

 the other, a “Continual-Mind” being as-it-were more “developed” by our Civilisation,
which operates dividedly-penetratingly,
as in a law-court
“precisely which straw broke the camel’s back” – “you are either guilty or you are not-guilty; innocent or not-innocent” –
“which precise red-chimpanzee-mother could no longer produce a red-chimpanzee-baby  but only a human baby ?”.

Consider now the white herring gull and its natural-evolution
wherein –
the main elderly flock drive out the (fledged) youngsters –
– as do many other-animals-than-human on this planet Earth –
to find “pastures-new”.- new feeding-grounds or waters.

So the youngsters were driven from Europe’s north coast, up through the (now) British Isles,
taking thousands of years to cross the colder Arctic seas –
[this is all in “units” of 1,000 years – adding up cumulatively to tens-of-thousands of years].

They proceed across to Canada –
and onwards to Alaska –

after more thousands-of-years –
[and they are continuing to drive their young onwards and outwards]
across the bitter-cold sea-straits to Siberia –
“soldiering-on”  as-it-were –

by the time they start arriving back in northern Europe,
they have become smaller,
and much of their feathering has been changed from white to black –
and they can no longer interbreed with their ancestor the white herring-gull –
and so we have come to name them the “black-backed gull”.

Now we are faced with your “Court-of-Law” insistence:
“At which precise point did this loss-of-interbreeding ability take place ?”:

Thus it is with most other lifeforms on this planet;

and was with or now humanly-separate species.

So we need to work, and live, in this fact-of-life and “new” knowledge
that we have to ‘build’ awareness and “switchability-between”,
our as-it-were two-minds –

one “Continuous”
the other
“Discontinuous” … (“) 
. . .

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