“On and Off -” and Distinctly-Different Dreamings


—-> In some somewhat-different [‘semantic] sense
“On  &  Off” –
the logic-al ‘connective’ & (ampersand)  term  =  ” each and both remain True”

now becoming,
here in our Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying World Movement

“equally-happening” [but not necessarily at the same time]

as when one is “vertical”
(‘upstanding, or upsitting, and-doing-whatever)
as distinct from being “horizontal”
(prone-or prostate, or down-on-one-side and/or the other)

“doing ‘whatever’ , the same, or different, or differently “)

Also let us consider another such phrase 

“Now and Then -“
is being potentially ‘trappy’
because ambiguous
betwixt “yesterday” but not-the-same as “tomorrow”
and* because “then” could also be expressing a reasoning-outcome – a “concluding-term”.

* in the sense of  ‘plus’

Now we also come across contrasting, but pradoxicly-perhaps complementary,

“Horizontally” we’ll be normally  not “lucidly” dreaming (aware-that-we’re dreaming)  [after every 90 minutes or so].

Whilst “vertically” awake and aware, we may
by attentiveness and self-management,
“do” or “consciously-participate in” different ‘kinds’, ‘levels’, ‘timeframings’ of dreaming
and can also follow genuine educational guidebooks for “lucid”-dreaming .

One at hand, whilst we are still awake (vertical this evening) is
The Lucid Dreaming Pack:  (by one Robert Waggoner).
a Book ‘Gateway to the Inner Self’ and a blank Journal in which to note your dreams and experiences


—————- vertically  “keeping in touch” ….. until “horizonzalling” in time for somesooncardinal 90-minute-junction  2230, 0000, 0130 …————