What Now ? Why? and What-for ?


How begin ?

Certainly we need all of the Information there is – 

[ including knowing what further information we find that we need ] – 
about this Earth that has the Lifesupports we need
about our civilisation that ‘wrests’ these Lifesupports from this Earth.
Already we see that we shall need to find the Needs and the Problems of meeting them
And we shall need to be both verbal language-intercommunicative –
environment-supporting, nurturing & harvesting – body-teamwork harmonising.

So what guidances are already in existence, and available at immediate-notice ?

Comprehending the Information
Discussing how-to-proceed:


Task :- Find out how to not-impede or block any of the above.

{We can follow the 12 + 1 “Roadblocks” to human intercommunication
given by the educational-book People Skills } :-

SUMMARY: (“) Although interpersonal communication is humanity’s greatest accomplishment, the average person does communicate well.

Low level communication to loneliness and distance from friends, lovers, spouses, and children –
as well as to ineffectiveness in some workplaces.

Research studies indicate that, despite the natural tendency towards defensiveness,
people of all ages can learn specitic communication skills
that lead to improved relationships
and increased workplace competence.

These more desirable ways of relating will be presented in succeeding chapters of this book.(“).
Chapter Two:  Barriers to Communication     

Judging   Criticising; Name-Calling; Diagnosing; Praising Evaluatively.

Sending-Solutions  Ordering; Threatening; Moralising; Excessive or Inappropriate Probing and Questioning; Advising. 

Avoiding Others’ Needs and Concerns  Diverting; Logical Argumentation and Fallacy inclusion; Reassuring.

Roadblock No. 13 is  Telling other people they are putting up Roadblocks.