Civilisation Has Become Increasingly Impassable & ‘Impossible’


Too many cars :  far too many “private”.

Far too much hugely-destructive machinery and weaponry.

Far far too much extinction, wastage, and ‘consumption’, of non-replace-ably-finite Earth’s Lifesupports.


Far far far too many people worldwide
far too “unawarely lost and trapped”
in far too many non- (and even anti-) sustainworthying
lifestyles, careers and jobs,
and in organisational-memberships, “parties”, and entrapments.



There is only one Remedy – and only one compound *Main Step” to achieving this Remedy:

(1)  Begin both increasing own self-sustainworthying willingness & ability, and reducing own environmental wastage-

(2) Begin building own Holistic Health and Self-Sustainworthying abilities
to a Group-Co-Supportively-Positivising level