Blocking-Out and Blockading

The worldwide human need for ‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Problem Solving

has long been being ‘tackled’ and affordably published

but is still being deliberately avoided and repressed
by our biggest governmental, educational, religious, and community organisations
including by international, national, private, and community Trusts and Charities.


The following is an individual life-improvement would-be participant’s response
to such a Charity Trust Estate’s current process
of “excluding” such a “life-improver”
from one of their “open to the public” 2-hours per week “Beginners Mindfulness” courses.
I can’t allow xxxxx’s “feelings” to invade and block my forward movemernt through this Earth-Life, xxx .

And I doubt s/he has even taken the time to glimpse
the not-for-profit, power nor prestige 3 e-sites I voluntarily-altruisticly run
( ;;com ; and ;

nor the House of Lords’s “two-way democratic public reach-out”
which has published (and verbatim fully) over 600 of my submissions since May 2010

Have you?  Has your committee? Has you Board?

Have any of you caught up practically as well as

as distinguished in recently
between individually-personal mindfulness
and centrifugally-environmental co-mindfulness and sustainworthy physical-engagement]

with the main life-leaders attempts
to ‘en-mind’ and bodily-engage with the Earth’s and our Global Humankind’s Predicament ?

not just by reading

Sitting In The “Fire”  (Mindell) ; 
Leader Effectiveness Training (Gordon)  People Skills (Bolton) and Six Thinking Hats (E. de Bono)   ;   
Your Body: biofeedback at its best without instruments, machinery and artificiality  (Jencks)
Awareness Through Movement  (Feldenkrais) and Effort  (Laban & Lawrence)
The Divide (Hickel)
I’m Right – You’re Wrong  (E. de Bono)
but both alone and co-operatively-together
establishing “the doing” of them too ?
Are you too now preparing to “sneakily dictate”
“the course is not for you” ? –
without giving me a fair go at it ?
Serious regards,
xxxx xxxxx
As the pre-WW2 BBC used to have the “Rag-and-Bone Man” asking the public –
“What would you do, chums  – what would you do ?”.