The Sensorama

Your sensorama is of course simply all of your senses

beginning with (of course) your

(the remaining four of your traditional now perhaps ‘old fashioned’ five senses –
namely: taste (gustatory: mouth-tongue), smell (olfactory:: nose), hearing (auditory: ears), sight (vision eyes) –

are in your head.

we also have inner senses

(sense of being ‘upright’ or ‘horizontal’ or ‘leaning-left’)
[which links with external-environment-hearing by the ears, as necessary in maintaining one’s upright body balance]

temperature (sense of your body’s warmth or ‘chilliness’)  …


also majorly of course your sense of pain
and of its ‘opposite’  pleasure. 


There is a sense of Time too –
NB please here:
actually that Time Sense might be ‘twofold’,

in having an “outside twofold timesense
i.e.  (1) (a)  Nature (including ‘diurnal’) timings and (b) civilisational “clock” times
(2)  own-body-movements times
[as displayed by the Laban- and Jung  -discovered (i) body-functions of quickness:sustainedness and.(ii) .mind-function of Intuition


That’ll perhaps be enough for us to be going on with
and can be completed later [by copying via Wikipedia or wherever]