Rights versus Wrongs


1990 and even Edward de Bono* was seeing to be already-the-world-case, not merely  “foreseeing”,

that –
2  “Why, contrary to our traditional view, the brain may be a very simple mechanism acting in a highly complex way.”

11  “How we can have been so successful in technological matters and yet made so little in human affairs”

15  “Why we have completely failed to understand creativity and why something that is logical in hindsight may be inaccessible to logic in foresight.”

18 “How traditional logic has trapped us with righteousness of its absolutes.”

29 “Why the false dichotomies we constructed in order to operate the logic principle of contradiction have been so especially disastrous.






* I Am Right – You Are Wrong  pages 35 to 37 incl : list of 33 ‘topics covered in this book’.



Each lifeform-individual  is in-some-part an enemy of every other, including its own species,  lifeform individual […]

In the Malay language, “wronggeng” is “dancing”.

In world-English, a “right” legally precedes its “need”.