are already widely in active progress :

current timeframes, timeslots, timeslits here in this SW part of England UK
include this “being-published” daily – and usually “nightly” too -one
between “a little while ago” and “a worthwhile ‘stretch’ now ongoing” –

usually in minimum units of 5-minutes – but adjustable ‘downwards’ into (suggested) 2-minute units
continuable for up to a 90-minute overall timeframe
both by day and by night* **



PRE-REQUISITE #1 :- All Workplaces [and of course ‘workers’ therein] need to be excluded from this Lifeplace co-activity.


The historicly-traditional,
( but somewhat “numinous” )
is not simply a ‘real’ sort of human-intercommunication “channel”
but tangibly, rationally, co-consciously share-able and learnable –

as is also the similar “a little dicky-bird told me



Given all of the preceding,,

we may from frequent time-to-time set-aside from our personal Main-Timeframing and “fully-bookeds”

a  “timeslot” wherein one might do “self-healthing”
or “Stretching”, “Walking”
at the same time as likeminded other persons are “like-doing”

actually with one’s sensorama included,
and the sensoramas of likeminded-
and-presently-practicing other and “distance-elsewhere-incognito”
but ‘grapevinally’-connecting
and for a substantially-effective length-of-time
“fully-interconnected” persons’
a small ‘group’ can ‘form’
and ‘close itself to the remaining public
for the duration of its co-intuitive action.

* ‘Naturally’ by day most people will be standing-up or ‘sedentary’ (sitting-down)
whereas by night most of us are ‘lying-down” – or as we in “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” like to ‘put it’*** “horizontalling

** bio-rhythm-wise
our night sleep-cycle is 90-minutes
plus say 10 minutes to complete the health-essential dreaming
(plus maybe many minutes more to record something of that dream, and to further contemplate it).

whilst our awake-energic day  ‘pendulating’ timeframe
per each overall centre-left-centre-right-centre swing
right-dominant over to left-dominant
is 3-hours  –
which makes it amenable to a 90–minute half-swing observation (from centre to one side and back to the centre).

So, one is needing to be 100% “self-sensing” –

but progressively
one may find minutes when one is being “distancely” accompanied or “dancing-partnered”
by one – ‘special’ other –
or ‘equalisticly’ by more-than one other.


—–“staying tuned”—–