Key-Mindness and also its essential precursive Self- Sensorama-ness ‘field’ …



and the “preparing”, “practicing” [sic] and “doing” of it-

Our first clear illustration of this human-ability and enablement
might well be its distinction from

{ Note:- Our 7-fold Holistic Living Needs Model
aims to be improving
the scope-headings
of both the UN and the Medical Sectors’ 5-fold models domains ‘ called  ‘Mental’ and ‘Social’ needs
by saying “Mind-Functions needs” and “Environmental needs” }

The current and common Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Meditation practices,
some from the Ancient East’s various longstanding need and success in balancing

but some from here in the West still being developed
(and either “joining-with” or “piggybacking-upon” those Eastern cultural advances)
from the Current West’s Psychiatric “sitting-and-talking therapies”
and therein the salient-‘mental’  treatment called “Cognitive Behaviour Therapy”    

because that new-“selectiviely-eclectic” common Mindfulness and its Meditation should
in real-life-preparation, practice, and engagement,
but not be separated from
the much more ‘centrifugally’ increasingly environmentally and life-supportively complex “Earth-citizenship” duty for

Earth-&-Civilisation-Mindfulness-&-Practical-Conservational-Sustainworthy-Stewardship Progression

wherein each human-being needs to be progressively neighbourhood, group, and team participatorily advancing – lifelong.