One’s and Our – “Someone Who Died” –


“It’s Never Too Late To Mend”
is a supportive advice given to many of us by our

Here now, Sunday 15th-Monday 16th April 2018,
[this jsdm your author-publisher of these “Life-and-Common-Earth-Citizenships ‘Overlookeds and Concealeds’ ” ] 

have just discovered 

that one can ‘separately’ recall to mind one’s past places  and people-acquaintances –
places and people still keeping on “background- accompanying” and “appearing to”
“us” or “one” or “me”

and keep re-appearing occasionally in our dreams –
but especially in the  daily “sub-conscious timeframes and timeslots” which help to keep us going.

So I have opened a new
which doubtless could,
and probably should,
become  “My Bedside Memories, Dreams, and Thoughts” book –


That still in mind
when I return to bed I can hold my own “Remembrance Prayers” -like they do in churchy-places –
nut perhaps having longer recollection-timeslots

quietly aloud ‘briefing’ –

“George ….. of next-door …..”  (silent pause for a while ) …

sister Barbara …..(silence) …..

“Nicholas ….. my buddying ‘Rainbow-Living’ and shiatsu expert ….. (silent pause) .

“Ye Who-‘Pray’ for me –
or for some Content from these e-sites
or from an erstwhile encounter time
or “ships-that-pass-in-the-night” memory …..
(longer continuously-silent continual-recollections-pause) ………...