Lucky-for-some Friday 13th – Bodynesss-first

“Mind-ness” needs to have its several depths or ‘levels’ ‘mind-mapped’
– and also needs its ‘fields-of-coverage’ up-front vocabularied – (‘detailed’) –

this we could try via
changing the UN and USA 5-Fold Holistic Health Models
from their 3rd and 4th Domains of ‘Mental’ and ‘Social’ respectively) –


‘Environmental’ .
as propounded by the “JSDM 7-Fold Holistic Living Model” –
[see “Basics” in  or  ‘ “not-for-profit but real-health building] )


by establishing a pre-requisite to
(rooted in Western Psychiatry as “CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy”)
being really only (although necessarily) a
progressively enabling watchfulness over own-energies, behaviour, and self-conduct “]

namely by pre-requiring of and for one-s-self one’s own – (yet possiibly and hopefully also shared with a few other people) –
a “Bodynessing” sequence of self-attentive movements
[which is deliberately, self-singly, moving your body-parts (albeit whilst moving also using some “mindfulness self-watching-foci”)


——————– there is more but that is the practical beginning ‘gist’ of it ————  so,  “staying-tuned” ——————- JSDM  1253 > 1309