“Need To Know”

The very fact that so much Vital-Public-Information

and “Earth-Citizenship Mindedness Briefing and Scrutiny-Enablement”

is being witheld from
and outrightly denied to
so many billions of members of this Human Race and of this Earth’s Stewardship and Citizenship -Public

shows that the World-Governance
including National and Local Governments at all levels
is deliberately and by malice-aforethought
iatrogenicly impairing this Human Race on Earth
extincting and destroying Earth’s Bio-Lifesupports
Non-Bio Civilisation Supports. 


The following passages are copied from respectively 
(1)  Sitting In The “Fire” (spokesperson Dr Arnold Mindell); 

(1)  1. “Fire” – The Price of Liberty.   Creating freedom, community and viable relationships has its price.
It costs time and courage to learn how to “sit in the ‘fire'” of diversity.  It means staying centred in the heat of trouble.
It demands that we learn – about small and large organisations, open city forums, and tense street scenes.

If you step into leadership or facilitatorship without this learning,
you may spend your time recapitulating the blunders of history.

The New Worldwork Paradigm offers us a number of fresh perspectives:-

(i)      Chaos
(ii)     Learning
(iii)    Open Heart
(iv)    Self-knowledge
(v)     The Unkown
———————————————  –
and further, from
The Health Revolution (by Ross Horne; and others )

e.g. Dr John Tilden 1926 in Toxemia Explained
“In chronic disease, the treatment, first, last, and all-the-time, must be with a view to getting rid of the toxemia,
This consists of correcting whatever habits of life are producing enervation,
and then gradually building-up a normal digestion, assimilation, and elimination…

It took a long time to evolve out of the one conventional idea of many diseases
into the truth that there is but ONE disease,
and that the four hundred catalogued “diseases”
are but different manifestations [signs and symptoms] of toxemia – blood and tissue uncleanliness.”