House of Lords’s Peace-Making Effort e.g. viz Yemen


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24/03/2018 at 4:22 pm

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. Got to be ‘gloves-off’ openly-direct at certain crucial-times –

The questioning needs to non-negotiably specify that
[for instance]

“achieving peace” 

does not mean
“by eliminating the minority”,
“cutting the other-side’s needs, costs and expenses”
“quick-quelling of needs and thereunder of any sort of ‘rebellion’”” …


please all-concerned, affected, or responsible,
take a good read of
“Sitting In The “Fire””
by Arnold Mindell and the WorldWork-Conflict-Resolution-&- Process-Orienting ‘No-Lose’ Team
that he
and his personal-partner facilitating “metaskills” [Amy]
are parts of … ..

and kindly allow it to be advised to you to realise beforehand
that such Teams had to
“give up” on small-groups and Neighbourhoods – practically world-wide –

including those attempting to use the Method III
and other ‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Needs & Hows Recognition and Problem Solving methodologies

simply because
such Neighbourhoods and Small-Groups are
failing to produce both better Needs-&-Hows Recognition
‘No-Lose’ [Method III] Cooperative Problem Solving ways forward and “new learnable road-maps”…