Whole-of-Health Building


The following has been contributed to the National Audit Office today :-


AUDIT  Holistic Health Building

Government Policy is to “minimise risk” – literally by doing the opposite of Holistic Health, Wellness and Wellbeing Building –

namely by absolutely and  ‘draconianly’ reducing both “care” and “holistic-health, wellness, and wellbeing  building”
to the barest possible minimum –
such as “helping the client/patient to get in and out of the bath” –

the ostensible “reason” for such minimisation being that it

“lowers the probability and risk of accident, mishap, or failure” –
even “cuts costs” by obviating needs for both individual and collective care
and holistic health, wellness, and wellbeing building.

The provision of health-building support, guidance, leadershp and care –
as absolutely distinct from any sort of illness or impairment care –
becomes reduced to an inadequate and life-need-neglectful bare minimum

which is very seriously-iatrogenicly “procrustean”.

What is individually and collectively needed
is a  completely “7-fold Holistic Living Model*
to be made practically available and supported for each individual person/client,

and also made supportively-available
to the illness-patient and ‘recuperatee’
but as the holistic-living building part of their care-plan –
not part of the “treatment” nor “nursing” plan as such..


*  see http://www.lifefresh.co.uk  or  http://www.one-human-living.com

 for such a 7-Fold Holistic Living Model that can be printed-out and applied.  .