Unforgivably Iatrogenic Authorities


Unforgivably Iatrogenic Authorities – 

mistaken-publications –


they still Prevail,

all over this “God-Given-Earth” –

actually causing injury, harm and disablement –

if not by commission of wrong acts and advices,
then by omission of right acts and advices

or of both at the same time


Surely, surely  –
we can only keep on trying
Self-Remediating –

by Self –
and occasional Mutual –
Non-Invasive and “Do-No-Harm” therapeutic-help


such as by Self-Skin-Stroking, Touching, Tapping, ‘Scratching’, Soothing, Holding, Rubbing, and “Ointmenting” –
and as often as may be mutually “consentually”
so “co-caring”


By clean food and drink preparation and sharing –
THINKs:-  Supermarket packaged meals with too much salt, or sugar, or other additives – is iatrogenic too


 And thus we need to be ever watchful and careful

for instance – even the therapeutic and healing-helping  ‘age-old’ “spirituals”
sometimes may need to be held in carefully-clarifying  “question” –

“… There’s A Balm – In Gilead –
…………..To set the sinner free – …”-

but is there –   where precisely
and “how-much” ?


“Swing Low Sweet Chariot –
Coming For To Carry Me Home -”
but is it –
or is it a “one-way-to-
‘Treblinka’ “?


“Jesus Bids Me Shine With A Clear Pure Light –
Like A Little Candle Burning In The Night -”
but does He
– and how so ?


“Wide Wide As The Ocean –
High As The Heavens Above –
Deep Deep As The Deepest Sea
Is My Saviour’s Love -“

“I ‘Though So Unworthy –
Still Am A Child Of His Care –
For His Love Reaches Me –
And His Love Teaches Me –
Every-Where -“

but  Is It
– and does it –


Come Sundays It Used To –
Didn’t It ?


Or Did It  ?


How do you “think-it-through” ?

May you be blessed