This “Profitably” Sinking Civilisation


Yes, our Humankind Civilisation on this Earth-1 is

sinking –

and some of us are

  “profiting” from this

much more than others


Profiting by the Lifesupports
that our technological machinery and weapons
are “harvesting” and “garnering”

We are being “treated” to insidiously life-shrinking-and-starving luxuries –


We are literally being “handsomely paid”  –

to destroy Life on Earth 

and to insidiously “waste” each other “into the bargain”.


The Shortfall

between the Lifesupports and living-bio-species that we 8 billion mouths and bodies are increasingly grabbing

but are also largely wasting

and what this dying Earth can still provide

is getting bigger

and “blacker” 


and is also bursting into more and more

destructively flaming wars