English Needs Cleaning-Up and Clarifying

Especially throughout the British Isles

the English Language needs ongoing-scrutiny


and both

A Thorough Clean-Up 
to clean-away “politically-correct-filthyisms” such as 

being officially-dictated as “friendly-fire”  


“driving-neighbours-out-banishing-murdering– machine-gunning them”
being officially called ethnicly-cleansing” them

[ Worse filthy “Porn” talk and advertising print, pictures and video-clips
assault our health and wellbeing –

posing as “Sex”
and even as “Adult Education” ]





Rigorous Clarification
including critical-thinking vocabularies and reasonings


 especially in places of life-education

and of human-communication training.


It is especially the English People who need to be doing, nurturing. and leading this “clean-up”.