House of Lords “do no harm to Peoples’ Health”

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Our “sage” or “wise” ancestors certainly had insight –

when they perceived,
over hundreds of years,
the “evolution” and living-progress of Seven Divine Human Energies

Grounding at the Root and Baptismal
Centring at the Hara and Confirmational
Boundarying at the Midriff communion
Bonding at the Heart, Relationships and Marriage
Sounding at the Throat, Confessional
Facing at the ‘Third-Eye’ and Ordinational
Spacing at the Crown and Unction sacramental – reached around age 21 –

and they attempted to make them sacred human energies,
absolutely vital both to natural individual human development
and to collectively civilised development.

– alas! without actually ‘constituting’ the means to establishing
either an all-round-generic education thereto,
nor any other wholesome model of Holistic Health Building Service
and (Mutual) Self-Help.
Much more of a priority than Brexit –
and much higher priority than mere “do no harm to health” therein*

to be constituted, legislated, established
and Lifeplace-Implemented throughout the UK —

is an All-Round Knowledge and Know-How Practical Foundation Education Faculty and Curriculum of Life Enablements as distinct from Workplace Training and Career Skilling.

The single thing needing to be achieved here,
starting individually-personally right now too, it is that important and urgent,-
is the Inclusion of every one of the neglected advances and published knowledge and know-how guidances in all General Education curricula, at all levels.
[please see Basics lists within not-for-profit, power nor prestige – ; ;].

It’s no use “closing ranks”, “focusing-down”, and “fighting corner after corner” – each one of us needs to “open-up” to new learning. –

We need at every level to embrace All-Round Lifeplace-Education Guidances.

That is the only way you or any-one else is going to fend-off “harm” and establish the All-Round and In-Depth Life-Education and Holistic-Health-Building that every human-being needs – and needs continually, lifelong.
[incidentally nor to “illness”:
check with the Mindells Worldwork published in “Sitting In The “Fire” – – ‘you have to work with the “baddies”, not against, not “ban” and “banish” them’]