Lack of Sound Foundations



What a gargantuan waste

this English-Speaking Civilisation is making –

not merely of so many of our
Human Energies

but of this Earth’s precious bio- and non-bio-

and of

our Civilisational Infrastructures
various Financial Frameworks and Governancial Networks.


In the sectors of Individual and Collective Human Development
[qua in Lifeplace Education, in Adult Lifeplace Enablements, and in Social Supports and Cares]

vitally essential Foundations are being spurned –

and are being pushed aside and spurned
publicly scrutinising,
clearly explaining,
and fit-for-longest-term-sustainworthy-purpose 
showing and delivering
such “new” Foundations as have displaced and replaced many such best-foundations as are saliently sufficient

Wisdom of the Body Moving 

Your Body -biofeedback at its best without instruments, machinery and artificiality
Six Thinking Hats
Leadership Effectiveness Training [complete with the .’No-Lose’ Method lll of Cooperative Problem Solving]

by Laban & Lawrence;  Linda Hartley; Beata Jencks; Edward de Bono;  and Dr.Thomas Gordon;   –  respectively


and there are many more that have been pushed aside
yet are permanently needed in Constitutions themselves
as Longest-Term Sustainworthy-&-Sustainworthying Guidances.

Visit “Basics” and “Foundations” in   and  .


 [as my therapist commented today “The authorities have come to see things from a different Perspective …” ]

  •  but they give no clear and adequate view nor clue to any Sustainworthy Foundation-Reference-Library
    that is in itself Adequate and both Clear and Fit-for-Purpose” –
    and their daily and longterm budgets are monstrously exorbitant,
    being streamed utterly sub-standardly and wastefully
    into Civil Services and Private-Contractors pockets and private-properties
    like streams and rivers out of our Tax-monies
      which we blindly-trustingly continue to be daily contributing to to those bloated-luxury-living pockets.
  • Multiple-Human-Living ‘Guzzlers’ –
    It is our life-energies and potentials that you are so irresponsibly and “cloud-cuckoo-land” wasting away