Two Strategic Essentlals Cross Our Path


Two Strategic Essentilals that  Cross Our Path

might be

(1)  The Longest-Term Earth1 Need

Rental Home Kitchen-in-Market-Garden Collective Farming  Estates

[probably beginning with millions of Caravans on /hundreds-of-hectares of Rural Estates UK-wide and especially commencing and developing across the South of England and of Wales (where the prevailing climate is warmer thus encourtaging a good outset and foundation]. throuig.]

These will necessarily be adjunctive to the Longest-Term-Technological Progress of the Earth2 Spaceship or Spacefleet –

wherein –


It may be seen necessary to scientificly develop – as an “artificial evolution” –

homo sapiens sapiens microensis  

i.e. a midget-strain of geneticly-selected and artificially-‘evolved’ human-beings
capable of “lasting-the-‘space-race'” and remaining small enough [or increasingly smaller] “not to rock or overload-the-boat”.